Intermission @pechakuchacmh

Kerri got ice cream from Jenni’s… I got this lame picture.



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First miCoach workout!

This is the graph of my first workout using the Adidas MiCoach Pacer. It was a 12-minute assessment to get some base-line figures on my pace and heartrate. It went from a 2-minute walk working up to an almost-all-out run, a “9 out of 10” effort. It’s a pretty neat system that feeds my need for data… particularly workout data. I might post more graphs here from time to time.
First miCoach Graph
Coach Feedback
The Assessment Workout personalizes your heart rate and/or pace zones. Great job! miCoach updated your heart rate zones. Your Top of Green is 171 BPM and your Top of Red is 185 BPM. Excellent! miCoach updated your pace zones. Your Top of Green is 07:08 min/mi and your Top of Red is 04:55 min/mi. Read more about the Assessment Workout here.

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Butterflies in the Hawks’ Yard


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Kerri’s Birthday

Looks like a cute shirt is coming her way

She got a picture of a forthcoming present. She says “thanks” to everybody for the great gifts… and not just pictures, either.

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Baby Birds in My Backyard

These guys were really hungry that day

We have a birdhouse. It was there when I bought the house and I never bothered with is much; neither did the birds until this year. Now, we have some baby sparrows.


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Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Open Up Your Picture Pages…

Okay, okay… I’m slow. Really slow and bad at posting new pictures. Or anything else for that matter. My dearest sister @carolsnotebook called me out. Now, I present recent photos. (You’re welcome.)

Oldest first (New Zealand, Australia vacation):

Surf Lesson, Fitzroy Beach, New Plymouth, NZ

Me and the Mrs

Me and the Mrs in Sydney

May flowers:

Backyard Columbine


Treat Yourself to the Best

4th of July:

Very Patriotic

Careful not to get burned

Hold very still...

Don't look so excited


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Correction; this is my best hand…


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